Thursday, August 16, 2007

WinMed Connect preferences & setup

Situation: A client computer that were running the WinMed healthcare software application had been replaced and an attempt had been made to transfer the software to the new computer. The WinMed program and data files all reside on a server network share with no values stored in registry, so apparently recreating the shortcuts to the server located apps on the new computer should do the trick.

Problem: The WinMed Connect program was asking for path specifications every time it was run.

Solution: The WinMed Connect shortcut points to a program called xmlparse.exe in the xml subfolder of the WinMed system files. There was also a xmlparse.ini file in this folder. This needed to be copied to the Windows folder and modified with the right paths. Also the winmed.ini file located in the WinMed folder on the server had to be copied to the local Windows folder. Both files had to be given change permissions to the user who was running the program.

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