Sunday, February 1, 2009

ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) disturbed by VPN client software

Setup: [Computer]---[ICS Computer]---[Internet router]---Internet
The ICS Computer runs Vista, Computer runs Windows XP, Windows Server 2000 or any other.
The ICS Computer also has one or more VPN client software packets installed. In my case, the Checkpoint SecuRemote VPN client and AnchorFree HotSpot Shield were installed, but not running at the time where this problem occurred.

Problem: Computer can not browse websites, Skype will not log on, FTP to internet FTP servers will not work. Computer can however ping all destinations, local as well as internet addresses using DNS names or IP addresses.

Obviously, some (ICMP/ping and DNS requests), but not all of the network traffic is correctly passed through the ICS Computer. After having played around with disabling any firewall on Computer and ICS Computer without any improvement, i tried the following:

Solution: I removed the two software pieces known to create virtual network interfaces on the ICS Computer, hence the CheckPoint SecuRemote and AnchorFree HotSpot Shield had to go. Reboot, and voilla, it worked!

Prime suspect: Since the AnchorFree HotSpot Shield was still wanted on the system, I reinstalled it. ICS still works, bringing me to the strong assumption that the CheckPoint SecuRemote was the one that messed things up.

The Nerd's little blowout: I have been working with a variety of VPN software client solutions, like Cisco, CheckPoint, RSA etc.. In my experience, they all have in common that they in various forms deprive you of an unrestricted simultaneous access to other network segments that are normally accessible from your computer. Try connecting a VPN client and at the same time access your local LAN server. You have luck if it works. Try reaching two different remote sites over two different VPN clients at the same time, and you may even see the good old bluescreen of death. Try running ICS to let another computer connect to the internet on a computer where VPN client software is installed - you get ping and DNS and nothing else. Now THAT's why I'd rather have any VPN link over site-to-site VPN on dedicated VPN routers.

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